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We offer our services to your esteemed organization in any possible aspect that can improve your business & the performance of the staff!

Having owned & operated 1 of Cyprus’ most successful restaurants for over 15 years as Owner & Executive Chef, I am very well aware that any small business owner knows the importance of controlling costs to maintain profits! This also applies to running a restaurant.

Food costs can quickly escalate in restaurant management. Troubleshooting problematic food costs & getting them under control is crucial in keeping your eatery afloat.

It took me a considerable amount of time & hard work to create the perfect plan, operating & balancing all challenges in day to day business! From avoiding waste to maintaining a large portfolio of regular clients. We offer customised consultancy & training services to food & beverage enterprises looking to upgrade their business. Also increasing the performance of their staff to the utmost satisfaction of the clients by implanting the ideal policy of team work.

A high-standard of training of restaurant staff prevents all wasteful mishaps, so assessment of training goes hand-in-hand with researching what’s in the trash when troubleshooting food costs. Adequately trained staff ensures customers are greeted properly at the door, orders are taken & entered correctly into the restaurant’s point-of-sale system, & the food is prepared, plated & sent to the customer with perfect timing.


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